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Our Swivel joints manufactured by Meinzer Swivel Joints GmbH are well know to be the best quality swivel joints available to lighting manufacturers who prize quality and regularity above the cheapness of other swivel joint manufacture's. Types available are raw brass swivel joints, silver swivel joints, chrome swivel joints, black swivel joints plus many more.


Zipper Cable Management jacketing offer a easy to use cable management system, place the cables onto the flat tubing wrap the tubing round the cable and zip it up!


Our products include

  • Pflitsch
    • Blue Globe
    • Cable Glands, Ex Cable and EMC Cable Glands
    • Trunking and Mini Trunking
  • Reutlinger
    • Suspension Systems
    • Shop and Display Systems
    • Heavy Duty Type 50s & 80s for Exhibitions, Museums and Fairs
    • Mini 1mm - 1.2mm
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  • Geissel
    • Cable Glands
  • Zipper
    • Zipper Tubing System
  • Meinzer
    • Swivel Joints
  • Flexal
    • Flexible arms
  • Flexa
    • Flexible hoses and connectors


To discuss your requirements with us please call us on

+44 (0) 208 446 0161 or fill in our enquiry form for more information.